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Thoughts on the Quabalah and the Invisibles

In the Mystical Quabalah, there is a model for existence called the "Tree of Life" (TOL). It has 10 spheres, leading from the world to the divine and back down again. Mysticism is to rise into the oneness of everything. Magick is to bring the connection with the divine intent back down into the world and manifest it. To do it, one ( an individual, a collective, etc.) must cross the Abyss.

The Abyss is represented on the TOL as an 'invisible' sphere just below the last three spheres, which are called the supernals. The supernals possess no duality. Communication with them does not come from knowledge of opposties. It comes from oneness. I digress. To reach the supernals, you must cross the Abyss. The Abyss is 'invisible' because, although it has a representation on the tree with proximity to the supernals, it is neither here nor there. It is everywhere and no where. Just as the supernals are. The thing about the Abyss is that it is the gateway to the unconscious. It is the gateway to the reverse side of the TOL. What is sometimes called Universe 'B'. The front of the TOL being Universe 'A'. The reverse side of the TOL represents the demonology (archons), what quabalistically is called the Quilpoth . It represents all of our supressed, unrefined, un acknowledged apsects of un conscious awareness. To successfully cross the Abyss, we must first resolve all that is unresolved within the Abyss.

Another attribution of the invisible sphere is the sphere of 'knowledge'. But it is knowledege without understanding. The understanding comes from communion with the Supernals. Without the 'divine' understanding of the knowledge, one has only 'false' knowledge. Magick without understanding is Colonel Friday. Knowledge as the godhead is a false god. It is communion with life that is the intent of our existnece. That is what we are programmed for.

Notice the Tree of Life contains the Tree of Knowledge. This is no accident. We must first have knowledge of who we are not, before we may become who we are. "It all follows a plan.."

There, in The Abyss, resides the gatekeeper, Choronzon. Choronzon is frequently referred to as the dispersion of false knowledge. The eater of the Ego. The Trickster. "Surprise! That wasn't you!" Until we integrate all that exists in both the Universes of A and B in a way that resolves our intentions into that which allows us to pass encumbered into the divine, we will never truly cross the Abyss. Hence, we will never truly realize the manifestation of what we truly are.

Note, in 2.20 (Black Science 2, part 4: Schroedinger's Cats), pg 6, panel 3: we see Quimper on a cross. Quimper is a dream, until "he" was manifested into the world. This is wonderfull symbology that Morrison uses. It represents the Divine Dream, sacrificed to matter, to incorporate that part of the dream into the "Kingdom" of the Divine. As such, the dream becomes material. "Crushed under the weight of this world." Deformed from its original essence. On pg 14 panel 3, we see Fanny take off Quimper's mask. He looks much as a new born child looks. A face that only a mother could love? There is a Buddhist teaching that asks "Can you remember your original Buddah face?" And another that says "You must first remember your original Buddah nature." This brings us to the point of our disillusionment. The parts of us that are supressed. Unacknowledged. We must work those out for ourselves. Breathe LIFE into them to give the space necessary to allow us to manifest the wholeness of the Divine, in its intended form. The birth of "Christ consciousness." It works for everyone, on every level. "As above, so below." It's no accident that Christ is portrayed as a "carpenter," either. We must use our inherent talents to construct that place in our lives and our world to create the space for the Divine. "Man will know GOD by the sweat of his brow."

This is a very loose description of what I have discovered so far with this model. We are the integration of Universes A and B. I guess we could be seen as Universe "C." This is another formula for three. The Supernals create a traingle on top of the TOL. The Divine, called Kether, starts as a single point. I has no other point with wich to reference or compare itself to. So it creates another point (reality is what you make it.) That is the point of Chockmah, the father. The Divine is male and female, and neither of those. (have fun with this) Now the Divine has a point of reference, but it has no other point to gauge itís proximity to the second point. So it creates a third point through the second, completing a triangle. This is the point of Binah, the mother. This gives us something called, Quabalisitcally, "The Plane of Manifestation." It is the place from which all spirit comes to matter.

We, as a collective are programmed to rise to meet the divine understanding, integrate it and bring it back into the world, not an iron prison, and animate this most "condensed manifestation of the divine" with the life that truly exists in it, through our own divine nature and understanding.

Iao Adonai []