o Banner competition
I have also decided to run a competition to see if I can get a better banner than the one below. Submissions should be 234x60 pixels in size, be cool, and be under 10k in size. If they could include this bit of PR from "You MUST look at this site!" ( then I'd be really grateful. I will be supplying a prize to the one I think is best. Haven't decided what yet... Also it will be used as the official banner for the site, and your name will be listed in the banners section.



banthebomb.gif 234x60 3k

banthebomb1.gif 234x60 7k
designed by Reg Harvey

banthebomb3.jpg 234x60 7k

banthebomb3.gif 234x60 8k
designed by

banthebomb5.jpg 234x60 9k
designed by Francis Rizzo III

banthebomb5.jpg 234x60 10k
designed by Francis Rizzo III

banthebomb7.gif 234x60 9k
designed by

banthebomb8.jpg 234x60 8k
designed by Francis Rizzo III