Who's Who

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o Bambi (Poison Pussies)
o The Blind Chessman (Unknown)
o Boy (Invisibles)
o Chang, Billy (Invisibles)
o Crow, Jim (Invisibles)
o Cyphermen (Outer Church)
o Delacourt, Miles (Outer Church)
o Dwyer, Miss (Outer Church)
o ElFayed (Invisibles)
o Flint, Jack
o Friday, Colonel (Outer Church)
o Gelt, Mr (Outer Church)
o Harlequin, The (Unknown)
o Harper, George
o Helga (Invisibles)
o Jack Frost (Invisibles)
o John A'Dreams (Invisibles)
o Jolly Roger (Poison Pussies)
o Kate (Outer Church)
o King Mob (Invisibles)
o King Mob (1) (Invisibles)
o King in Chains (Archons)
o Lang, Mason (Invisibles)
o Lord Fanny (Invisibles)
o Manning, Lady Edith (Invisibles)
o Moon Child, The (Outer Church)
o Murray, Bobby (Not Affiliated)
o Mr Six (Invisibles)
o Orlando (Outer Church)
o Papa Skat (Invisibles)
o Pierrot and Columbine (Unknown)
o Queen Mab (Invisibles)
o Quimper (Outer Church)
o Ragged Robin (Invisibles)
o Shanjeet
o Takashi (Invisibles)
o Tom O'Bedlam (Invisibles)