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uncle retrospective, Regrettable Juvenilia, rizla mission, Suedey! SHOT FOR MEAT!, Seth, grant, Ethan Hawke, Matthew Fluxington, gridley, 8===>Q: alyn, Char Aina, Mon Oncle Ignatius and Feverfew
Jay Z - the Black and other Albums
Formerly a discussion of The Black Album, now also discussing others, including American Gangster, by Shawn Carter (also known as Jay, Jigga, Hov, Hova, Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella CEO, Mr Beyonce, and so on).
:: STARTED BY No star here laces
:: 39 REPLIES, LAST AT 22:01 22.11.07

The Mountain Goats
On John Darnielle and his acoustic guitar.
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 49 REPLIES, LAST AT 14:03 22.11.07

Warehouse Project
warehouse project
:: STARTED BY All Acting Regiment
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:06 21.11.07

Arcade Fire
Epic and Awkward = Tasty? One describes them in review as Polyphonic Spree meets Deathcab with more abstract lyrics. What say you?
:: STARTED BY Aertho
:: 43 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:14 19.11.07

Princess Superstar
No summary available
:: STARTED BY H3ct0r L1m4
:: 10 REPLIES, LAST AT 11:35 14.11.07

Durty Goodz
keywords: Durty Goodz, Axiom EP, Grime
:: STARTED BY illmatic
:: 14 REPLIES, LAST AT 15:42 13.11.07

Back With The Killah... Again [PICS]
A thread for anticipating and eventually discussing the new Ghostface Killah album, FishScale (or possibly Fish Scale), as well as many other ways in which Starks will PWN the forthcoming year.
:: STARTED BY Regrettable Juvenilia
:: 80 REPLIES, LAST AT 14:45 13.11.07

Cam'ron and Dipset
Cam'ron Killa Cam Diplomats Dipset Jim Jones Juelz Santana Cam'ron as an artist and a character
:: STARTED BY Jack Denfeld
:: 16 REPLIES, LAST AT 02:35 11.11.07

Make my mixtape: Day of the Dead
Take me out... tonight. Where there's music and there's people who are young and alive.... Or, well, not.
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 69 REPLIES, LAST AT 03:51 09.11.07

Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust
Anticipation and discussion of Saul Williams' forthcoming album "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust" available to pre-order now, for free.
:: STARTED BY Essential Dazzler
:: 9 REPLIES, LAST AT 17:56 08.11.07

Japanese Music
I've never heard a Japanese record in my life, and I've decided to try and start now.
:: STARTED BY All Acting Regiment
:: 82 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:43 30.10.07

Black & Orange Music : 2006/2007
Music for Halloween; Spooky songs. A shiny 5p piece for the first person to suggest "Thriller".
:: STARTED BY Feverfew
:: 55 REPLIES, LAST AT 19:56 28.10.07

New Killing Joke album
Killing Joke's new album. Return to form or a bit silly?
:: 30 REPLIES, LAST AT 22:10 25.10.07

The Hives!! F**k me!
Discussion of The Hives.
:: STARTED BY Naked Flame
:: 47 REPLIES, LAST AT 19:20 24.10.07

What's On Heavy Repeat?
What tune are you rinsing?
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:40 24.10.07

Looking for Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron soundtrack MP3s
I know there's a soundtrack to the Daniel Clowes's neo-classic graphic novel Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Victor Banana (pseudonymous for Tim Hensley). The actual album is sold out and no new copies will ever be made (according to the the record label Jenkins/Peabody website), but i really want to listen to this music even if it's in MP3. I´m looking but i can´t find it. Someone can help me out here?
:: 16 REPLIES, LAST AT 15:07 23.10.07

How to Survive the Music ?uestlove
The Roots' ?uestlove talks about how to survive in the music industry. I'm not sure what kind of topic I'm starting with this one, but I hope a discussion emerges because he does have some interesting things to say...
:: STARTED BY garyancheta
:: 8 REPLIES, LAST AT 12:28 23.10.07

Chris Walla: Terrorist!
No, really - the indie producer & guitarist for Death Cab for Cutie. His latest album might be delayed because it was confiscated by Homeland Security.
:: STARTED BY grant
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 10:28 23.10.07

P J Harvey: The Peel Sessions & White Chalk
Discussion of The Peel Sessions and the new album White Chalk.
:: STARTED BY Blake Head
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 09:00 21.10.07

[rhexisMUSIC] presents: St. Withiel Delivers From Evil.
In which Withiel inflicts another album upon an unsuspecting Barbelith.
:: 1 REPLIES, LAST AT 18:40 19.10.07

Music to explore
Now with 100% more words!
:: STARTED BY zedoktar
:: 21 REPLIES, LAST AT 15:52 18.10.07

Electro; oh so of it's time it was retro from the get-go; yet so damn futuristic it's still all over the metro.
:: STARTED BY Char Aina
:: 3 REPLIES, LAST AT 01:17 16.10.07

Help! I'm suddenly addicted to black/death metal!
Extreme Metal in all it's dubious glory - good or bad? utterly reprehensible or lots of fun or both? and so on.
:: STARTED BY rizla mission
:: 71 REPLIES, LAST AT 21:51 15.10.07

Talking Heads... universally loved even on Barbelith?
Talking Heads: qu'est que c'est? Keywords: David Byrne, Life During Wartime, Fear of Music, Remain In Light, food, buildings, fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa.
:: 50 REPLIES, LAST AT 04:59 15.10.07

RIP Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge (Psychic TV)
Condolences, stories and thoughts related to Psychic TV, PTV3 and this untimely departure.
:: STARTED BY flax
:: 7 REPLIES, LAST AT 02:43 13.10.07

Suggest some music
In which our intrepid heroes uncover a long lost stellae detailing all kinds of great music.
:: STARTED BY zedoktar
:: 14 REPLIES, LAST AT 17:44 12.10.07

Kanye West's Sophomore Year
New Kanye West single 'Diamonds' and the forthcoming album Late Registration.
:: STARTED BY Regrettable Juvenilia
:: 63 REPLIES, LAST AT 20:16 07.10.07

Listening to music whilst doing other things.
Multi-tasking, soundtracks, and wildly subjective notions of value that make you look weird.
:: STARTED BY All Acting Regiment
:: 2 REPLIES, LAST AT 23:49 04.10.07

Devendra Banhart
Psychedelic Folk Bloke, 'Oberon to Joanna Newsom's Titania', debut album called 'Oh Me Oh My The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit'
:: STARTED BY Quantum
:: 11 REPLIES, LAST AT 16:07 03.10.07

Bad Lyric Planet
What are the most embarrassing, cringe-inducing song lyrics you know?
:: STARTED BY Regrettable Juvenilia
:: 162 REPLIES, LAST AT 14:32 03.10.07


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