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3D questioned over child porn

uncle retrospective
21:32 / 27.02.03

Massive Attack's 3D is being questioned over child porn from the NME
"MASSIVE ATTACK's 3-D has been arrested and questioned by police over alleged Internet child porn offences.
The star, real name Robert Del Naja, was bailed by officers working on Operation Ore, the national crackdown on child porn.

Detectives seized computer equipment and a quantity of suspected drugs during a raid at Del Naja's home in Bristol on Monday (February 25).
So another weirdo popstar or is there something in the fact that one of the loudest protesters against the war is now about to be taken down in Peadogeaddon?
Spatula Clarke
21:56 / 27.02.03
I like how your post suggests that the NME were supplying him.
uncle retrospective
22:24 / 27.02.03
I don't trust that rag one little bit.
23:21 / 27.02.03
It's too far fetched a conspiracy theory to suggest his arrest has anything to do with his anti-war stance - besides the TWAT (The War Against Terror) posters his record company supplied on the march had adverts for the latest album on the back

I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. But I hope he's not going to come up with the line that he was doing research - there are responsible ways to investigate this issue.

On a general point, child protection experts say it is very unlikely that people can stumble across child abuse images on the net.
23:28 / 27.02.03
Well no.

Also the big thing in this one is the naming of suspects before they've actually been charged with anything. (Matthew Kelly- much as I hate the guy, it appears he's not guilty of kiddie-fiddling. But he will always be remembered as a nonce. Which seems unfair.)

The "anti-war" theory seems a little paranoid... I really hope they ain't gonna stoop that low...
00:57 / 28.02.03
See, I heard this this morning on the radio and it was "internet porn offences", which wasn't so Look! A peado! I prefered that. I thought people were starting to breathe thru their noses again. Obviously not, and we have a new mouth inhalling hissy fit...

And anyone else notice that no one seems to care Kelley had a shit load of Class A drugs?
02:29 / 28.02.03
Me, I just care about the correct spelling of 'paedo'...
11:15 / 28.02.03
apparently it was that 'someone save the children' song on 100th window that alerted the police. noses to the ground, indeed.

and you're right, no-one has batted an eyelid about matthew kelly's coke habit. even the sun reported that he wasn't going to lose his job over it, and didn't comment.
11:59 / 28.02.03
Can you imagine doing coke with Matthew Kelly? Whoah!
13:16 / 28.02.03
Or, indeed, the correct typing "paedo"...


Someone Save The Children alerted police?? I've not heard the song, but I'm thinking it doesn't contain the lyrics "Someone save the children / By sticking their big man-sized happinesses in their child sized ears"... Does this mean they're actually now going to go after Save The Children now, too?

So do they have evidence other then a song about helping children?
13:34 / 28.02.03
Paedant, surely?

So, seedy 3-D's heinous penis needy of teeny-weenie tiny hienie? Allegedleeny?


One thing we have seen recently is that it is very easy to report these things, but comparatively difficult to unreport them. But the Matthew Kelly cocaine thing is interesting, because it suggests somethign that may feed into this recent spate of celeb-nobbling. If you are wealthy and famous, there is an extent to which you can believe that the law does not really apply to you, most especially when it comes to drug offenses that would see less famous people imprisoned.

This double standard may perhaps operate because the legal system may feel that the knock-on effects of rich addicts are far smaller, in terms of violence and property damage, than those of addicts who can't afford to feed their habit, but is this helping to breed the sort of sense of invulnerability that subsequently leads to spectacularly stupid activities like submitting credit card details to a website promising underage models in compromising positions?
00:35 / 04.04.03

Not that it'll make much difference now anyway. The original allegations will haunt him for years to come, I'm sure. Lovely, that.
Haus Of Pain
13:43 / 05.03.10
Browsed this thread at the weekend and I downloaded some yesterday- its bloody great.
09:31 / 03.12.10
ha, look at the difference in posting dates. and what ever came of this was the dude proven guilty and sentenced or what. and not that it's at all relevant now or ever but, who would ever think that a government agency would arrest this guy on trumped up charges of child pornography due to his views on a war? do you think that any government gives flying f*** what the guy from massive attack thinks?

Tony Blair: "We've got this 3D character making a fuss about the war"

George Bush: "The war in the dessert, where we have highly trained soldiers killing people with machine guns and running special top secret intel operations?"

Tony Blair: "Yes Georgey old boy the one with machine guns."

George Bush: "Well don't worry I have an idea"

Tony Blair: "Really? How bizarre. Do tell."

George Bush: "We'll have him arrested for possession of child pornography."

Tony Blair: "Oh George that's bloody brilliant. I'll get MI6, the Bristol Police, and NME on the phone."

George Bush: "There's no time. SECRETARY"

Secretary: "Yes Mr. President?"

George Bush: "Get me Dick Cheney."

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