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18:33 / 11.02.04
London, March:

Boredoms and Lightning Bolt - 30/03/2004 - Scala

Oneida and Whitey - 12/03/2004 - ICA

My tickets are ordered for both shows. Is anyone else game?
rizla mission
23:04 / 11.02.04
In theory I'm DEFINITELY up for both of those but..

Oneida are also playing in Nottingham and Bristol and all three cities are sort of eqi-distant from where I am right now by train, so I'm not sure yet which one (or more than one) I can get to.. truth be told, I'd like to go to all of them, but that would be excessive even by my standards..

The Boredoms / Lightning Bolt show is a few days before All Tomorrows Parties, so I'll have to see what my financial situation is before I can confirm, but that would be excellent too..
14:56 / 12.02.04
Boredoms/Lighting Bolt deffinately, as I'm on holiday then. Whoo! Where are tickets from?
12:28 / 14.02.04
I got my tickets from Wayahead, 'lil pin dude.
11:44 / 23.02.04
I got mine from there too! Lightning Bolt, if anyone's interested, have played with Melt-Banana and Ruins (and are same make up, drums and bass, a the latter), will have just toured Japan before coming here and will be recording a Peel session the day after this gig. They are for fans of boombastic rythems and complicated arrangements, says one review! They seem perfect!

(small problem is that their website doesn't say they're playing this gig)
Axel Lambert
12:17 / 23.02.04
I'm going to london for a week to see:
british sea power 29/4
von bondies 30/4
electric eel shock 5/5
franz ferdinand 6/5
Axel Lambert
12:18 / 23.02.04
anyone know if the walkmen are coming to london, btw?
11:20 / 24.02.04
I've just started downloading Lightning Bolt albums, and it appears that we're in for quite a treat. They fucking rock!
rizla mission
14:31 / 25.02.04
Lightning Bolt rock like a hurricane at the centre of the universe.

A tip for when you see them: apparently they refuse to play on the stage, and have a habit of setting up in the middle of the audience, using their own modified amplifier stacks to play at an insane volume without relying on the venue's sound system.

So, er, watch out!
rizla mission
17:55 / 11.03.04
I hope you guys are still going to see Oneida tomorrow..

I was able to see them in Nottingham the day before yesterday, and they were absolutely EXCELSIOR. Definitely the best form I've seen them on.. they did a version of 'People of the North' where they stuck a lengthy freakout section on the end which was just this robotic two note thing that just got faster and faster until I thought they were just going to collapse or explode.. wow. And they ended with a new song which was just a total funk party anthem that had everybody dancing - they seem to have this thing going in their current live shows where they sound almost like a really fast, hard techno record played on live instruments.. they just get into a completely hypnotic groove..

I wish I could go to London, but I haven't got the time or money..
imaginary mice
17:54 / 26.03.04
Brighton Dome, 22/5/04: Nick Cave (and others) performing songs by Leonard Cohen. No really. This just sounds too good to be true.
Goodness Gracious Meme
18:30 / 26.03.04
I know, sounds astonishing, doesn't it.

Also pondering, tho' its probably sold out an' ahm skint: David Byrne, 13/04, Corn Exchange.

David Byrne!!!!
20:17 / 26.03.04
Magnetic Fields -- April 26th -- Philadelphia

I am wanting this the way I once wanted after love itself...
02:20 / 27.03.04
I posted this elsewhere, so apologies... this is obviously the thread it should have gone in:

Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats
Living With Eating Disorders

Wednesday 14th April at the Buffalo Bar (just on the right as you exit Highbury & Islington Tube)

doors: 8pm, entrance: £5

Baz Auckland
05:25 / 27.03.04
Air - April 17th, Kool Haus, Toronto...

...has anyone seen Air before? How are they live? I'm quite looking forward to this one...
11:20 / 27.03.04
I have to say, I'm very tempted by David Byrne at the Festival Hall, unless it's sold out. I've seen him twice (but not for a few years now- on the "Feelings" tour, which means I've never seen the "Eyeball" stuff, let alone the new shit which I haven't even heard yet...)- both times he was fucking amazing. Bonkers, but amazing.
Gary Lactus
14:25 / 27.03.04
That's reassuring to know. I grew up loving Talking Heads and Byrne's earlier solo stuff but this gig in Brighton will be the first time I've seen him live. I don't want to be let down like I was with Lou Reed last year. "bonkers" is promising.
17:44 / 18.11.04
Eminem's playing Saturday. Secret gig. Except it's not that secret anymore. Islington Academy. Tickets on sale from the venue box office (I don't have a number, sorry, but no doubt it can be found online) from 9am Saturday morning. Expect it to sell out in all of 30 seconds.
Tickets a fiver. Apparently.
haus of fraser
17:46 / 19.11.04
The Go! Team at the 100 club January 20th £7.00 per ticket- selling fast!!!!

I've got mine...
18:45 / 09.05.06
Bumping an old thread, but thought some of you might be interested...

The dot-to-dot festival/alldayer in Nottingham (28/05) is looking handy this year. 50odd bands and djs: headliners so far are British Sea Power, Mystery Jets, Buck 65, Shy Child, Bromheads Jacket, The Long Blondes, and Good Shoes.

And it's £15. £15!

Tis a bargain.

Floorsleepspace may be possible for folks who want to travel - PM me if you need somewhere.
Regrettable Juvenilia
18:50 / 09.05.06
That reminds me - this Thursday, at the Windmill in Brixton, Shimura Curves (excellent latop pop/girl group electronica/"the anti-Pipettes") and Stars of Aviation (charmingly innocent folk pop with the occasional continental vibe) are playing with some other bands as part of a How Does It Feel? night. I can vouch for the Stars of A live and the Curves on the basis of a handful of MP3s.
The Return Of Rothkoid
02:23 / 10.05.06
If anyone's seeing Mudhoney on their Euro tour that's on now, then go see my mates The Holy Soul who do that Nick Cave territory thing with much aplomb.

And get the bassplayer really drunk so he's got some road stories to tell me, so I may live vicariously.

If you're in Sydney, these gigs will be teh awesome:

May 16: Louis Tillett at the Iguana Bar
May 19: The Lovetones launch their album with the awesomely early-Verve The Dolly Rocker Movement and The Daytime Frequency at Spectrum. Hippies ahoy.
May 20: Nashville Pussy, Electric Eel Shock and Regular John
May 21: Warhorse headline Spectrum.

Internationally speaking, Low play June 1st and 2nd, Belle & Sebastian play the Enmore on June 13, Wolf Eyes play July 1, and Sonic Youth play July 26th.

Awesomeo. Now, to find the cash.
07:12 / 10.05.06

29th May!

Shepherds Bush Empire!
foolish fat finger
01:23 / 11.05.06
Gogol Bordello play Manchester academy again on 4th July. (and possibly other uk gigs)

I can't say they are the best live band I have ever seen, but I sure can't think of a better one... (nearest contenders are PiL in '87, Jonathan Richman in '89, and er... the Wedding Present...)
Baobab Branches and Plastic
22:15 / 11.05.06
Yay - vision creation new sun!

Also High on Fire playing:

Check local dates here

sadly no london dates
22:48 / 11.05.06
Seth, you coming up from that then? Tickets ordered.
imaginary mice
21:12 / 15.05.06
Iíve just successfully crossed the finishing line of another gigathon (4 gigs in 10 days, I should ask people to sponsor me). The next few months will be much quieter though as Iím not really into festivals.

I am so looking forward to this, Iíve never seen them live before:

Sigur Ros

Southampton Guildhall

11 July

(And this:

. O

Ö is the size of the Portsmouth Guildhall where Morrissey is playing on Friday compared to Earls Court where I saw him last. Tra-li-la.)
Regrettable Juvenilia
21:41 / 15.05.06

May 19 2006 8:00P Fabric, London
May 22 2006 8:00P Club NME- The plug, London
May 23 2006 8:00P Barfly, London

I'm not sure I can afford to make it to any of these, so can some fan of bum-shaking and hip hop go see 'em so I can read about it vicariously afterwards?
09:30 / 16.05.06
Illmatic: Oh hell yes, I'll be there.
The Return Of Rothkoid
02:30 / 17.05.06
The Morning After Girls

May 18 2006 The Great Escape Festival - Brighton
May 20 2006 Barfly Birmingham
May 21 2006 Barfly Liverpool
May 22 2006 Barfly Glasgow
May 23 2006 Barfly York
May 24 2006 Barfly Cardiff
May 25 2006 Barfly London
May 28 2006 Dot To Dot Festival Nottingham
Jul 8 2006 T in the Park Festival Dublin
Jul 9 2006 Oxegen Festival Scotland

Go go go.
imaginary mice
13:45 / 12.07.06
GOGOL BORDELLO at the Brixton Academy!

4 November

...and it's a Saturday, which means I won't need to take any time off work.

Just bought a ticket. Yay. Yay. Yay.
16:39 / 12.07.06
17:44 / 12.07.06
Going in my diary now. GB do GB!
imaginary mice
22:53 / 20.07.06
GOGOL BORDELLO at the Brixton Academy!

4 November

...followed by the Flaming Lips on the 5th (Bournemouth BIC). Kind of looking forward to that weekend now.
23:08 / 20.07.06
There SO have to be tickets left when I get paid...

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