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Anybody listen to asian music on this site?


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21:03 / 15.10.04
Do anybody like Japanese rock or Korean dance music? Bands like Luna Sea, Buck Tick, D'erlanger, Dead End from Japan rock with the best of them and Korean dance music from Uhm Jung Hwa and the Shaolin techno beats of Lee Jung Hyun are groovy. Has anybody heard of them?
Jack Fear
21:50 / 15.10.04
No, but I'd like to...

I listen to bits of Japanese pop and rock occasionally, and I like what I hearóbut I'm not really up on the artists and the styles. Can you describe the sound of these bands for us? Give us some comparisons and influences?

What are the musical trends in Korea and Japan? The J-Pop I tend to hear is very slick, cleanly-produced Western-style dance-pop, lots of keyboards, very melodicómostly female singers, voices bright, cheerful, nergetic and slightly colorless, Japanese lyrics shot through with a dollop of English catchphrases and keywordsóbut the J-Pop I've heard is unlike Western pop in that it's not really, you know, sexy, and isn't trying to be. Is this typical? or is it just the (limited) stuff I'm listening to?

Are there any good English-language websites for any of these artists (preferably with MP3s)?
02:45 / 16.10.04
In Japan there is a visual rock catergory which Dead End and X Japan started. The bands all have striking visual looks to them. They sound different somewhat to other bands. Dead End mixed goth,metal,alternative. The rhythm section is tight and play like no one I know. A good album to start with Dead End is shambara. Their influences range from early Mission UK to Deep Purple.
X Japan was the premiere metal rock act with strong classical music influences. Yoshiki is probably the best drummer ever. HE also composes the main music of X Japan. There is a 29 minute progressive song they did called Art of Life which is awesome. There is classical piano which Yoshiki plays and it is orchestrated with x japan playing along with them. X Japan have ballads that are just piano and vocalist which is comparable to Coldplay.
Luna Sea is the next logical extention of Dead End. They took a more abstract guitar approach to their music. Mother is definitly one album to check out by them.
D'erlanger is influenced by punk and alternative. They are probably the first Japanese band with a nonsense type name.
Dir en grey has a fanatic following in asia right now. Their music is best described as insane.
Gackt also has a fanatic following. He is alternative with classical piano sometimes, with Bjork like beats sometimes.
Buck Tick is like the Cure. But they change their styles sometimes.
Mad Capsule Markets are influenced by punk. Their 4 plugs album reminds me of Rage against the Machine.
Seikima II which roughly translates to mean Antichrist. for alan moore fans they have a song called Jack the Ripper, and a album called From Hell with Love before alan even wrote From Hell.
Some websites for visual bands are, or to buy dvds and music
Kpop or Korean pop is heavily influenced by american hip hop, and dance music.
some great musicians are Uhm Jung Hwa, the Korean Madonna, Lee Jung Hyun her first two albums are great. And Boa who recently won a MTV asia award as best crossover artist. You can hear some Korean songs at you can buy Korean cds at
If you want to trade videos or burned cds we can trade if you want so that you can hear and see what some of these bands sound like.
I started to listen to asian music when I first heard Loudness and moved on to other Japanese and Korean metal bands. In the 80's. Do you like jpop only Namie amuro and ayumi hamasaki?
18:29 / 16.10.04
Here are some websites. If interested.

Dead End

X Japan
Luna Sea
Dir en Grey
Uhm Jung Hwa
Lee Jung Hyun
Baby Vox
Jack Fear
20:02 / 16.10.04
I'll be checking out those sites later, thanks.

I have heard BoA. A heavy Michael Jackson influence in the vocals--the little gasps and stutters. I like "Spark," especially; it's a great dance-pop single with instrumental touches that are almost like Gypsy music--little flamenco guitar runs and a cool violin sample.

Can you tell me anything about Makoto Kino, a.k.a. Myuu Azama? I've got a track called "Lovely Yell" that I really like--it's 1980s-style high-energy pop-rock.
00:56 / 17.10.04
Yes Boa is awesome. You should check out her new song My Name. As far as I can tell Makoto Kino is a Sailor Moon character and Myuu Azama is the voice actress for the character. Did anyone check out the websites I listed? What do you think? One weird synchronicity. The Invisibles Apocalipstick tpb cover looks similar to X Japan's Art Of Life cover. it's here
Jack Fear
01:29 / 18.10.04
As far as I can tell Makoto Kino is a Sailor Moon character and Myuu Azama is the voice actress for the character.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that's fucking awesome.
Miss K
13:11 / 20.10.04
Puffy are rather godlike in my opinion.
19:05 / 04.11.04
i'm only really familiar with japanese noise and punk. that being said, ruins is amazing.
Peach Pie
15:09 / 02.12.04
Does Nitin Sawhney count?

I love him so much. The sensitive treatments of topics like migration, identity, nationalism and war are amazing lyrically, but the melodies themselves are also so damn good.
Sean the frumious Bandersnatch
21:52 / 03.12.04
Yeah, I listen to some j-rock. I absolutly love The Pillows (the band who did the soundtrack to FLCL). If anybody knows of a group who sound just like them, please let me know.

Oh, and Melt Banana is always interesting. Not that anyone ever listens to them.
04:37 / 19.01.05
Also have you heard of Moi dix mois? or Malice Mizer? speed metal gothic nightmare sounds. sounds great to me
23:25 / 20.01.05
Hm, I like Shin Seung Hoon, but I don't know if that counts.
17:09 / 25.01.05
Merzbow, the Gerogerigigi (or however it's spelled), and the's are some of my favorite Asian bands. There's also this great Japanese all-girl punk noise band (forget their name) who did a C entitled "Pussy Cannibal Holocaust". I don't often buy a CD based on the name alone but there was no way I could pass by a CD entitled "Pussy Cannibal Holocaust".
19:13 / 25.01.05
if you like shin soon hoon you might like lee seung chul he's great. Have you heard of Mad Capsule Markets or Super Junky Monkey?
13:38 / 07.10.05
Oh, and Melt Banana is always interesting. Not that anyone ever listens to them.

Mm, I love Melt Banana, only seen them once though, down at ATP.

04:02 / 12.10.05
I've been a fan of Heavy Metal since a child. My stepfather always used to listen to it. Any fans of Loudness? I became a big fan after listening to their Thunder in the East and was inspired to become a guitarist by Akira Takasaki's incredible talent. He beat out Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen as best guitarist in Holland with the release of the album Disillusion. I later became a huge fan of other Japanese bands such as Rajas, Blizard, Misako Honjoh, Marino, Make Up, XRay, 44 magnum, Anthem, Earthshaker, EZO aka Flatbacker, Dead End, Seikima II, Red Warriors, Vow Wow aka Bow Wow, Buck Tick, Gastunk, Hurry Scuary, Reaction, Presence Sabbrabells, Nokemono, Show Ya, Mari Hamada, Terra Rosa, Tilt, Ziggy, Action, D'erlanger, Fastdraw, Kuni, Color, Lazy, X later to be named X Japan(my fault, I was listening to X one day at work and a customer asked who it was because I guessed he liked the band and I said X and he said that was impossible because there is another band called X, the punk band from Los Angeles. I noticed that later with the release of the Album Art Of Life they changed their name to X Japan and asked him if he had anything to do with their name change and he said yes he had lawyers contact them saying that there is already a band called X and they had to change it. Its funny because the punk band X was laying dorment for a while.) Luna Sea, Mad Capsule Markets, Super Junky Monkey, La arc en ciel, Sly, Dir En Grey, Gackt, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, Laputa, Sex Machine Guns, Lareine, Shazna, La Mule, Siam Shade, Lucifer, and Raphael. I was listening to Japanese Metal concurrently with Korean Metal with bands such as Sinawe, Born Again, H2O, Baekdoosan, Black Hole, Black Syndrome, Dionysus, Avalance, Asiana, Foreign Legion, Eve, Armageddon, and Charisma.
16:20 / 23.10.05
My S.O. is an embarassingly huge fan of Gackt and Malice Mizer, but their music hasn't really clicked for me. I do second the Pillows though. They are pure awesomeness.

And of course, there's GuitarWolf!
eye landed
10:08 / 26.12.05
o.p. didnt mention chinese music, but i know some of that. (as far as japanese rock, i like the pillows, and im currently downloading 'art of life'. and i saw an anime called revolutionary girl utena that had some great opera metal.)

somebody mentioned a japanese band called ruins. theres a ruins (feixu) from beijing with sort of a chamber goth sound. shengyin shuipian (sound fragment) sound more like radiohead. shetou (tongue) are heavier. feixu is also on a sweet compilation album with mu tui gua (wood pushing melon) and mei hao (glorious pharmacy), who have something in common besides being hard to describe.

from taiwan, jay chou is one of the more inventive of the pop/r&b/hiphop idols. im sure that real music is made somewhere in taiwan, but they hide it well.
18:47 / 02.05.06
I grew up listening to chinese pop/rock music..and then stopped about 5 years ago because I got sick of everything that was coming from Taiwan and Hong Kong. They have this annoying trend of turning every actors and actresses into rock stars. I was very dissapointed.

Anyways, I've been out of the loop for 5 years now and I'd like to hear some new music. I'm specifically interested in chinese rock/punk music... help!
thank you.
09:47 / 06.05.06
I have a couple of CD's from the Asian region. "Industrium Post Mortem: China" - The Deconstructed Sounds of Karen Han 1996 is one I used to listen to quite a bit, she did this with Mark Mothersbough from Devo and it's quite nice in a few places, very soothing.

Another one is Bar Noise which is a compilaion CD from this place in Osaka. Pretty wild and crazy noise, a lot of sore throats after these gigs.

Oh yeah, I got Melt Banana's MXBX 1998:1300Miles at Light Velocity which is fun, and yes the mighty Ruins which is pretty out there and can only be listened to in certain Avant situations.

I like Ryoji Ikeda too but my brain can only handle this whilst being severley sedated or in a hyperactive state. it's the whole + or - thing... sorry...

K.K. Null is another Asian Artist I really get into now and again. The high walls of cascading guitar feedback makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I had the pleasure of meeting him once and a drunken metaphysical conversation ensued on Music vs. Noise and how in the end it was a moot point as it's all to do with the listener. I must apologise to him for chewing and salivating all over his ear if I see him again...

I want to get more music by dumbtype after hearing their stuff on another Japanese compilation called Atomic Weight which blows me away every time I listen to it. You can find some reviews for it here and here

Another Artist I want to hunt down is Tetsu Inoue, I have liked everything I have heard of his on a few compilations I own. I quite got into the ambient movement there for a while.

I would like to spend some time in Japan just going from concert to concert discovering aural gems. I am quite surprised how much stuff I have from Japan really?
yichihyon, I will be looking into the Artists you mention, and thanks.
12:12 / 22.01.07
I have been listening to Nightmare, Blood, and Phantasmagoria and of course my favorite Asian dance queen Uhm Jung Hwa!
uncle retrospective
12:51 / 22.01.07
I've just rejected your request to mod your last post, if your going to add websites can you do so as a hyperlink.
03:57 / 30.10.07
anybody korean pop, kpop like lee hyori or ivy or big bang? or anybody like phantasmagoria here? check it out on you tube if you want to give asian music a try!
04:22 / 30.10.07
Have you heard of Mad Capsule Markets or Super Junky Monkey?

Yes, and I like them both! On a different note, I've had Rip Slyme's 'Nettaiya' stuck in my head for a few days, and am trying to find out where I can buy it. Any suggestions?

Edit: Found it!
04:40 / 30.10.07
here are some youtube sites for some bands I listen to and continue to listen to. Old favorites.
Lee Hyori
Big Bang
Lee Jung Hyun
Namie Amuro
Kumi Koda
Anna Tsuchiya
Jinusean with Uhm Jung Hwa
05:39 / 30.10.07
heres a goodie starts with a comic book page.
Shin Hae Chul
06:00 / 30.10.07
Lee JuNo
1 Tym
X Japan
Luna Sea
Show Ya
06:20 / 30.10.07
The Mad Capsule Markets circa 1996:
The Mad Capsule Markets - Kami Uta
10:23 / 30.10.07
Moon Hee Jun
Pipi Band (pipi longstocking band)
The Jadu
L Arc en Ciel
Schwarz Stein
Moi dix Mois
Dir En Grey
Vow Wow
03:15 / 05.11.07
Some Japanese Neo Punk
D'ERLANGER - La Vie en Rose


Banana Girls - Chocolate

Harisu - Foxy Lady
09:26 / 05.11.07
Gackt - Redemption
09:31 / 05.11.07
Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus - Gackt-LONGING -
04:40 / 08.11.07
A Korean Wonder Woman!

Wonder Girls - Tell Me
Duke - Rain from Heaven
Park Jin Young - She was pretty.
Kim Gun Mo
Spatula Clarke
21:25 / 08.11.07
Fucking hell.

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