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Guitar Wolf


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22:02 / 15.04.06
I think Guitar Wolf need a thread of their own, somewhere joyful and ROCKING rather than the elegiac tones of the RIP Bass Wolf thread.

I must confess, I'm in something of a GW mood this week, having watched Wild Zero again the other night and then drunkenly ordered two of their albums I didn't have off Amazon, which both arrived this morning (Jet Generation and Planet Of The Wolves).

I've been lucky enough to see them live once (with the original Bass Wolf- apparently they now have a new one and may be back in the UK soon, which would fucking RULE) and believe you me, it was quite something.

Imagine the Ramones playing like the Dead Kennedys. And fighting zombies! And actually being from space!!!

Who else likes 'em? I know loads of you do. Who's up for some JET ROCK'N'ROLL???
22:22 / 15.04.06
Guitar Wolf are awesome. They have one song. It's a Ramones song. But it's turned up to a million, drowned out by feedback and recorded so badly that you just don't know what the fuck is going on.

Do you have the Guitar Wolf tribute album? It rules. Lightning Bolt covering Guitar Wolf, I shit you not. It will be the best tribute album ever until our ZZ-Top tribute record comes out.
Mon Oncle Ignatius
22:52 / 15.04.06
Ah, that GW gig at the Garage last year ranks as one of my all-time favourite gigs ever. Why?

Because they played nothing but The Ramones for half an hour before coming on in leather jackets, shades, and combing back their greasy rocker hair every song interval with such an aura of cool that not even Eddie Cochrane could have bettered. Because they turned the amps up to 23 (none of this 11 malarkey) and played like their speed intake was overpowering their limbs (perhaps it was) until the quanitities of sweat on stage and in the audience was positively torrential. Because I decided to attempt crowd surfing and nearly broke my glasses - again. Because "Summertime Blues" played by Guitar Wolf is even better than the heavily-intense Blue Cheer version through the sheer power of noise.

I wish I had gone to see them in Hove the next day, but work beckoned. Everyone I persuaded to come to the gig was utterly overwhelmed with how great Guitar Wolf were, as was I. I'd only seen them on TV before, weirdly enough on Adam & Joe Go Tokyo, and had gradually been introduced to them as an idea for a while after. The reality was and is supremely more exciting.

The albums didn't grab me at first, but the Golden Black compilation got me hooked and I've been blasting my ears with it a lot over the last few weeks. The Lightning Bolt cover of "Planet Of The Wolves" is pretty much as frenetic as you'd expect, and I'm getting that mashed up with the GW playlist too.

Curent favourite tracks:

"Jett Beer" - any song which sings "Good Morning... Good evening... Jett Beer" (not actually in that sequence) has got to be great. Guitar Wolf (the singer) has such a great way of singing English with a heavy Japanese accent too, here and on all their songs - the emphasis of the language of Rock'n'Roll is changed into something yet more exciting and urgent by restructuring it with a Japanese inflection.

"Wild Zero" - ah yes - zombie thrash jump about music. A great singalong chorus too.

"Jet Generation" - this goes straight ahead like a rocket-powered motorcycle on a runway, shooting for the takeoff point where rock'n'roll smashes the sound barrier.

And more and more - and I want to enthuse a lot about them, but I'm not listening to Guitar Wolf right now so have to rely on poor memory instead - and it simply doesn't compare to the visceral now that their songs demand and embody.
22:56 / 15.04.06
Dude. I have LoveRock on RIGHT NOW.

And it's rocking. And I love it. How apposite is THAT???
Alex's Grandma
03:12 / 16.04.06
I really liked their cover of 'Money For Nothing'
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
06:46 / 16.04.06
Who can tell me about Wild Zero, a rockabilly zombie movie starring Guitar Wolf? A friend swears by it, but it's exactly the sort of thing he would swear by.

Some of the shots look pretty sweet.

You tell 'em, Guitar Wolf!
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
06:48 / 16.04.06
Ah. Ah hah. Didn't notice the first post. My bad. Still--any thoughts apart from "awesome"?
11:56 / 16.04.06
It's fucking ace. They fight zombies in it.
"Love knows no border, nationality or gender".

You tell 'em, Guitar Wolf!
uncle retrospective
14:12 / 17.04.06
You fucks!
Yea! You utter fucks. I'm trying not to spend any more money on DVD's and now you tell me about Wild Zero. Now I know my life will not be worth living until I have it. Bastards! I now have it on order. Swine!

I had to take GW off my mp3 player, my random setting loves GW (and Bauhaus oddly enough) and kept burning my ears out with Jet Generation. Now it lives on CD where we rock on on my terms. What a band.
22:34 / 17.04.06
Wild Zero is fucking amazing. I even wrote my final paper for University on it.
rizla mission
00:01 / 18.04.06
Wild Zero is quite possibly the finest motion picture in history.
Punji Steak
00:07 / 18.04.06
Something tells me I'll like these muthas. Investigating now...
The Return Of Rothkoid
05:58 / 18.04.06
I have to say that their show in Sydney last year was one of the worst things I've ever seen. Just... abysmal. Shitty sound, shithouse performance. The supports were much better, which was very disappointing, as I'd been looking forward to seeing the band play for quite a long time.

That said, I like them on record, though I feel much more like a cultural tourist when I listen to them than I do when I listen to bands like ELectric Eel Shock, or even artists who sing in Japanese, like Keiji Haino. I don't quite know why that is, but... yeah. Part of me always feels like I'm laughing at Guitar Wolf's expense - as they are quite funny at times - and I don't especially like how that feels.

But yeah.
06:38 / 18.04.06
Their show in Brisbane, the night before that Sydney one (I've got the tour poster on my wall- I checked) was phenomenal. They damn near played themselves to death (Seiji could barely stand by the end, and was throwing up from exhastion at one point) And then they did three encores.

If rock'n'roll is a physical entity, then Guitar Wolf is its current host body.
06:51 / 18.04.06
On the first Japanese tour that Guitar Wolf did after Billy Bass Wolf died, they played as a two-piece, with Billy's bass on stage in a glass case.

One of my favourite rock'n'roll pictures of all time-

...makes my eyes my eyes well up with tears while I do the devil sign...
The Return Of Rothkoid
07:38 / 18.04.06
Oh, Adam. How can a Brisbanite make such claims about Rock's Host Body when SixFtHick LIVE AND BREATHE?

Damn your eyes, sir!
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
08:19 / 18.04.06
I love the striped SG series Guitar Wolf is playing in that picture. I mean I LOVE it. I mean I think the guitar and I have a FUTURE together.
13:26 / 19.04.06
That photo actually did bring a tear to my eye.

GW calls his kid 'Baby Wolf.'

14:23 / 19.04.06
Saw Wild Zero again last night.

I now want Guitar Wolf to be my spirit guide. Fuck Cash as coyote.

03:06 / 20.04.06
Having read on Wikipedia that the term Jet Rock And Roll has only ever been applied to GW themselves, and found this fact a little sad, myself and TangoMango have pledged to form our own JR'NR bad, and would urge other Barbelites to do the same.
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
03:34 / 20.04.06

Spirit Guide my ass, I want Guitar Wolf to be my dad.
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
03:36 / 20.04.06

There we go. That's my pa!
06:37 / 27.04.06
Oh, Adam. How can a Brisbanite make such claims about Rock's Host Body when SixFtHick LIVE AND BREATHE?

Oh, SixFtHick certainly know about the Rock'n'Roll. They were even nice enough to get my rock group to support them at their recent album launch in Brisbane.

Here is a video of their last song at said album launch. Total mayhem with something like 40 people on stage with them. Good times.
uncle retrospective
07:50 / 27.04.06
Tuna Ghost thanks for my new desktop.
I'm having a beer and vids evening on friday with my mates and guess what arrived in the posts?
Fuck yea! They won't know what hit them.
The Return Of Rothkoid
08:12 / 27.04.06
Adam: awesome. [threadrot]Which support were you? The new Hick disc is incredible... [/threadrot]
03:58 / 28.04.06
Rothkoid: [Continue Threadrot] Eat Laser Scumbag. (the proper website is here, but it seems to be down at the moment).

I'm seeing Hick spin-off band Side Effects tonight. They're pretty great. [/Continue Threadrot]
00:22 / 31.08.06
I've heard the soundtrack is ace, but apparently not always easy to come across. Pity.
02:56 / 17.03.07
This thread needs bumping, in case people missed it before, or don't get it yet.

GUITAR WOLF ARE THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD. Get over it or fuck off, really.
06:06 / 17.03.07
Fantastic reason to bump a thread. Yes, this band is really everything you'll ever need to know about music.
Mon Oncle Ignatius
11:46 / 17.03.07
For Guitar Wolf, eleven is just so quiet.
15:06 / 17.03.07
Wow. I was really quite drunk last night, wasn't I? Ah well, in vino veritas and all that.
00:19 / 22.05.07
This Sunday
00:32 / 22.05.07
Rub it in, rub it in. No, really, you - or whomever the designated must-go-to-show lucky 'lither is - have to let those of us with the misfortune of being way the hell away, know how the new member's working out. Such a great band in every way, and unlike what we know about many loud party rockin' hard bands, I sincerely hope they really are having as good a time of it as it appears, at least most of the time.

(I just know I'm gonna yell 'Jett Generation!!!' sometime late tonight and no one for a square mile will have any idea what's going down.)
Mon Oncle Ignatius
23:02 / 22.05.07
16:06 / 03.07.07

I've been punching out robots and kicking zombies in the knackers all afternoon to get in the mood...

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