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Favorite %^&&* on You Tube


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20:52 / 02.06.06 is such a ridiculous waste of time, filled with all sorts of gems from years past. Some cool clips i have been checking out...

Hawkwind w/ Ginger Baker
Current 93 playing Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
Coil live in NYC
Nurse With Wound - I've Plumbed the Whole Neighborhood. My roommate has this video tape.
Amon Duul jamming out
Agitation Free in Egypt
Some lady that loves David Bowie

... now post your faves!
All Acting Regiment
00:17 / 03.06.06
Amon Duul- Deutsch Nepal, video by Ralph Bakshi. Consisting of some stuff just like his LotR animated feature, intercut with Nazis. Not sure what's happening. Very Wagnerian, or something.
13:54 / 05.06.06
Mark Ronson feat Alex Greenwald-Just

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins-Rise up with Fists

Hanin Elias-Eaten Alive

All just links to the music videos but nevertheless some stuff I usually wouldn't encounter on terrestrial television. There's a plethora of Atari Teenage Riot stuff up there which, unlike a few years ago, isn't casually available in your local record shop anymore.
18:33 / 05.06.06
Lock all the doors. Do a youtube search for "Manowar". Turn up the volume. Strip naked to the waist. Unleash the Metal Thunder within.
+#'s, - names
03:36 / 07.06.06
manowar was awesome...

Butthole Surfers doing Mexican Caravan

Owl Jolson does I Love to Singa"
Kali, Queen of Kitteh
17:06 / 07.06.06
The Ninth Doctor is his music video debut. I could watch this for hours.
18:56 / 07.06.06

the jazz-folktastic sounds of Pentangle

The Bonzos on "Do not adjust your set".Tearfully wonderful

20:23 / 07.06.06
I wish I had found this for yesterday....

Belly Dancers + Metal + Evil Preacher = Cool

I can't say I'd listen to them all the time, but if you need a metal fix this seems to be handy. Plus I know the Belly Dancers through friends and this was their first spot as Metal Maidens in a video.
+#'s, - names
07:48 / 09.06.06
whoa, that pentangle link was fab.

I had no idea this is what the incredible string band looked like.

Devendra Banhart doing a cover of Home is where you're happy, the manson song, mixed with some lauryn hill. Fantastic.
haus of fraser
20:46 / 19.06.06
Iggy, TV Eye... "That's Pea-nut Butter!"

I'm gonn find some more gems later- but that one is a classic.
Mon Oncle Ignatius
12:04 / 20.06.06
At last, a little snippet of what Nurse With Wound would look and sound like live on stage when they finally got around to it again.

Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Fish.
Haus Of Pain
13:11 / 20.06.06
R Kelly trapped in the closet episodes 1-12 are amazing. EVERYONE should watch these, I nearly puked my own ring when the midget shit himself!
Haus of Mystery
02:44 / 21.06.06
MF DOOM with a double-time blinder right here suckaaaaz!!!

18:21 / 21.06.06
That very pleasant young man Sufjan Stevens showing you how to play his songs on the guitar. There's a few different songs he does on Youtube, this one's Chicago.
00:38 / 22.06.06
Pat Mills' Greatest Creation

Bowie's Last Great Hit

Been at least 15 years since I'd seen either of these.
D Terminator XXXIII
14:03 / 23.06.06
Lordi's next single.
MattShepherd: I WEDDED KALI!
11:53 / 28.06.06
Stevie Wonder tears a strip off Sesame Street.

Johnny Cash re-works 'Don't Take Your Guns To Town' in a slightly less threatening way.
19:32 / 11.07.06
I'm loving this video SO MUCH.

Just watch it.

Weirdly, breakdancing seems to have been invented by white working class kids in Wigan in 1973. Check the sideburns on the bouncer, awesome stuff.
19:45 / 11.07.06
I should add I keep putting the last video over and over again just because I love the tunes so much, especialy the first three and this is the only copy I have access to right now "I told you that I lo-vved you, time and time again..."

We really need to get the Barbelith Northern soul trip together. Mind you, bear all his detractors should bear in mind that Haus actually dances like this anyway.
uncle retrospective
22:50 / 14.07.06
Here's and interview with Godflesh and the video to Christbait Rising. Justin is so young in it!

The Ballad of Sister Sue video by Slowdive I don't care what anyone says, they were the best!

Vitalic. Great Techno, weird video with slo-mo dogs in it. Brilliant if your on cough meds.

Lest we forget just how good they were I give you Orbital The Box

I'll finish up with the flaming lips playing at Glastonbury 2003 The Gash

God I love You Tube so much.
Regrettable Juvenilia
00:28 / 15.07.06
Thanks for that Vitalic video! Bit weird that it's called that, though, isn't that just 'Poney 01'? Hmmm...

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) - 'Alala' (Original version) - I know every other thing I post is about CSS at the moment, but this so goddamn drop-dead-cool. I think the version of the song that's on the international debut album is better, but this video is so perfect.
07:52 / 23.07.06
Fleetwood Mac Tusk video. Awesome. One of my favorite songs of theirs, actually.
21:30 / 25.07.06
The first time I saw this video part of my head exploded.
Ok it was just the water flying out of my mouth but still...

Mr. Tom Waits:Going Out West
Totem Polish
02:28 / 26.07.06
Here's one I saw at the royal academy grad exhibition - some proper dubstep by Kode 9 with Spaceape. There's a whole compilation with this one chant/rap over all 70 mins of it, so I guess it deserved a vid.
17:03 / 26.07.06
Thought I'd already posted this. I must've dreamt it: Smog's Rock Bottom Riser's cool video
19:11 / 05.08.06
OK, stop everything. I've just found the BEST THING EVER.

Strawberry Switchblade doing Jolene on a Japanese charity show.

It's really ace.
19:16 / 05.08.06
And on a similar tip, the video for Current 93's cover of Strawberry Switchblade's Since Yesterday.
14:18 / 07.08.06
An entire Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Concert (w/ Matt Sweeney 6/14/04)
back from before YouTube started limiting the length of videos.
+#'s, - names
08:34 / 15.08.06
19:41 / 20.08.06
Always late to the cybersexyparty, this weekend I have been crushing on "Plain White Rapper" BigGayKendall, and his '80s pastiches that are too good to be just pastiches:

Hip Hop Dykes (yeah, I know, but I reckon it works)

and the fabulous

Heterosexual Sex.
aluhks SMASH!
17:50 / 21.08.06
This is an incredibly epic music video. It's hilarious. Wait until the end, it just gets better.

Dragon Force-Through Fire and Through Flame
02:06 / 22.08.06
New Millenium Cyanide Christ - Meshuggah
01:30 / 17.09.06
From that dodgy period shortly after sentencing when wrighty was for some reason going to any lengths to get gg on the pops (2) without, of course, actually having him on - the glitterband one week, the timelords the next, and then this, about the best cover version ever
Essential Dazzler
14:11 / 17.09.06
OK GO's Mesmerising one-take treadmill video. Proably best watched with the sound off.
14:41 / 19.01.07
Sorry, I already posted this in the general discussion forum, but I really love it so it has to go into a thread better suited for it :

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