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Red-Eyed Soul: The World/Inferno Friendship Society


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16:29 / 17.08.06
[In answer to the question "World/Inferno Friendship Society... who they?" in the Gogol Bordello thread - I think W/IFS deserve a thread of their own.]

World/Inferno Friendship Society are another band that would probably appeal to fans of GB, or vice versa (with some exceptions, apparently). They have described their sound as "circus punk" - uptempo guitars with horns and accordian (and, lately, what sounds like a glockenspiel), a somewhat scattershot retro/loungey look (they perform in suits and evening gowns, etc.), and a red-eyed drunken preacher of a punk story-teller frontman. Readers of "The Master and Margarita" should note that W/IFS claims to have an ongoing engagement as the official party band of the Devil's Ball (and also to have an oversized, vodka-swilling, verbally-abusive bipedal black cat as management).

They are very very good, IMO, and a double-bill of World/Inferno and Gogol Bordello would be one of my dream shows (but would almost certainly kill me).

There are some sample mp3s at their site (linked above) and their myspace page - do yourself a favor, everyone reading this, and at least listen to Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater (at myspace). The new album, Red-Eyed Soul, is one of my favorite 2006 releases.

Any Infernites in the house? Any show stories?
17:17 / 17.08.06
This ninjah's not an Infernites yet, but I'm going to check them out as you'll regularly find me down at the Bordello, pretending I'm an immigrant. I always did want to run away with the circus...
18:09 / 17.08.06
If they can even be mentioned in the same breath as GB, I'm gonna have to check 'em out. Cheers for the tip!
Bubblegum Death
00:24 / 18.08.06
Thank your for the link to their myspace page. I tried looking for it several months ago and couldn't find them.

Their song, "The Expatriate Act", is my favorite track off the first Rock Against Bush CD.
01:03 / 18.08.06
'elcome. I'm going to have to snag a copy of "Expatriot Act."
01:54 / 01.09.06
Just downloaded Just The Best Party from eMusic, and fucking hell! This is great! So far (about three tracks in) it feels like a cross between GB and Rancid. And that HAS to be a good thing.
16:08 / 01.09.06
Stoat, I feel I should say something beyond "Yay!" but: "Yay!"
Kiltartan Cross
19:20 / 01.09.06
Oh yes, me likes. The power of Amazon is invoked.
19:32 / 01.09.06
So far everything I've heard that's remotely associated with Vibromonk Records has been killer: Gogol Bordello, J.U.F., Balkan Beat Box, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Firewater (a big hit in these part, IIRC), the couple of Guignol tracks I've heard - killer, all of it. I think I need to work my way through the rest of their credits.
22:05 / 01.09.06
Yeah, downloaded some Balkan Beat Box last night too from eMusic and that's pretty fucking cool as well.

And yes, Firewater are indeed one of the greatest bands ever. And I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.
Kiltartan Cross
17:01 / 13.10.06
Anyone know who the brother of the mayor of Bridgewater is (or was)?
17:31 / 13.10.06
As far as I know, Jack Terricloth (the singer) grew up in Bridgewater*, New Jersey, so it likely refers to someone he knew personally, or a scandalous local figure he admired.

*see also The Bridgewater Astral League
17:48 / 13.10.06
Just downloaded the Guignol/Nanuchka split EP from eMusic, and it's pretty fucking cool too.

Yeah, this whole axis of klezmery punk is fucking wicked.
21:21 / 20.12.06

Those must have been among the best. gigs. ever.

They've totally been a grower. But I listen to one of their albums at least once a day now. They fucking rule.

And Only Anarchists Are Pretty is currently my favouritest song of the everything evah.
21:44 / 20.12.06
Lep: seems they are playing Boston in Feb..any interest in going?
22:06 / 20.12.06
07:01 / 21.12.06
(Sorry, Stoats.)

xk: Interested? Hell yeah. I'll check the dates and get in touch, yeah?
22:48 / 11.01.07
yes let's go!

I really like Me and the Mad Monkettes as well from that CD. It's great jumping around music I'm awfully glad you suggested it!
23:56 / 21.01.07
this is hands down one of my all time favorite live bands, and i think i learned a lot about myself and how to interact with the world during the time period when i was taking a lot of interstate road trips to see them. i also shot the inside cover photo for their live album.
06:31 / 12.02.07
I just got back from seeing W/IFS in Boston, and I have to say: Jumpin' Jimmy Jesus and his Apostle All-Stars, what an awesome live band! The studio records are nice enough, but the studio records lie - some bands should just be experienced, and W/IFS is one of them. If they come within 200 miles of your town, run-don't-walk, etc.

They only played a short set, since Lifetime was headlining (ha.), but they played hard - and gave us an encore when we wouldn't stop hollering for one, even when the road crew started breaking down the stage (someone in the crowd, after hearing W/IFS, quite correctly concluded: "Fuck Lifetime..."). I would not want to be the band W/IFS opened for, for any money.

World/Inferno Friendship Society is now firmly second on my list (after Gogol Bordello) of bands to see whenever they come around.
05:58 / 26.02.07
that was me.
08:23 / 26.02.07
Seriously? Awesome!
02:44 / 09.07.07
Just saw them.

FUCK they're ace.

"Me Vs Angry Mob" was particularly good, but ending with "Only Anarchists Are Pretty" fucking RULED.

Erm. They're ace. I'm not sure what to add. But they are.
15:01 / 09.07.07
but ending with "Only Anarchists Are Pretty" fucking RULED.

It's very high on my Just Might Be The Best Song Ever list.
15:05 / 09.07.07
He also introduced one of the songs with the question "which is best? Robots, ninjas or pirates?" Which was awesome.
Dark side of the Moonfrog1
16:15 / 09.07.07
Saw them at the local music venue on Saturday night. crimminy-crumbs they make a fine noise! It's been a heck of a long time since i've seen a band that were so tight and had so much energy. It was like listening to the Rocky Horror sequel that never was. Over the top, ballsy, great musicianship and a hell of a lot of fun. Loved them!
Kiltartan Cross
00:55 / 10.07.07

Just saw 'em.

(edit) To expand, and curb my drunken smiley enthusiasm; what a fantastic live act! Impeccable musicians, brilliantly coordinated, with hardly a pause for breath and a remarkable appetite for booze, just great. Wow.
22:39 / 14.08.07
Man, seeing this thread made me extremely happy.

I haven't seen these guys since Hallomas in, like, '03.
It was at one of those Brooklyn polish venues where you could get pierogis in between sets.

Instead of just throwing on a CD before they were ready to go on, they had a string quartet playing off to the side and a bunch of carnies doing freak show-style tricks.

They closed with Magic Pumpkin (obviously) and the lead singer dissappeared halfway through the song and sang the bridge from backstage while projecting himself onto this bigass screen.

Most fun I've ever had moshing.
16:05 / 13.09.07
WIFS: Addicted to Bad Ideas

Anyone heard it yet? Any good?
20:17 / 13.09.07
Nope, didn't know it existed until you posted that! Thanks. I've just pre-ordered a copy, though.
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
17:34 / 20.09.07
WIFS goes on my list of bands I discovered through Barbelith and instantly praised the gods for my good fortune (WIFS sits besides The Cramps on this list). iTunes lists them as "Punk Cabaret", which I kinda like.

I've got most of Addicted to Bad Ideas, and so far it's almost measured up to Just the Best Party. As a whole, I think Addicted to Bad Ideas is a stronger album, but I haven't heard anything on it that grabs me as much as "Friend to the Friendless" or "Go With It Girl", except for maybe "I Just Make Faces".

I want Jack Terricloth's voice. Like, sexually.
20:37 / 20.09.07
Not sure if he still does, but Mr. Terrycloth used to work at the MET in Manhattan as a tour guide.
01:51 / 03.10.07
Aaaand it's in the post.



Don't want to spoil the fun.
01:11 / 07.10.07
Fuck me, it's wicked.

As far as I can tell, in large part it's a concept album about the life of Peter Lorre (about whom I know little, so I can't really tell you how they fare at that bit).

The first track's great- it's an entirely new instrumental arrangement of both "Peter Lorre" and "Heart Attack '64"). From then on it's probably their most consistent album to date- there's a lot more piano than before, and maybe it's the production but this time round you really do get a sense of just how many people there are in the band.

It's a glorious mess of Kurt Weill, Dexy's, the Stray Cats, Gogol Bordello and the Dead Kennedys. It's beautiful, and angry, and sad, and joyful, and most of all FUCKING FUN. I think "exuberant" is probably the word. Real "gets the blood coursing through your veins" music.

(And it has "Thumb Cinema", the track introduced at the live show I saw as "Every New Car You Buy Makes The Poor Baby Jesus Cry", which is every bit as ace in the studio as it was on stage).

You NEED to get this. You actually NEED to.
01:38 / 07.10.07
And here's a really good review which puts all the Lorre stuff into context.

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