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Eek! A Freek!
15:39 / 30.05.08
I picked up the album Charmed & Strange by Yoav almost two months ago.
He is the most impressive new artist I have heard in a while. He will create a beat (From simple to complex drum&bass styles) with his fingers on the body and strings of his accoustic guitar which he then feeds into a pedal controlled delay loop. He then plays on top of the beats. Sometimes he'll start by harmonizing over his pickup, creating some incredible sounds that he loops and uses for rythym. He's got a great voice as well: although this might not sound flattering, think David Grey crossed with Timberlake.
I saw him in concert two nights ago and seeing him do all this live was mind-blowing. (Also totally impressed me by playing a great slower version of Radiohead's Idiotque.)
He was born in Israel, grew up in South Africa, lived in Brussells, London & New York where he said he came up with his style in a park with a bag of 'shrooms.
Anybody else know Yoav? If not do yourselves a favour, check him out on Youtube and familiarize yourselves with him...
I don't want to only sound like a promoter though: Has anyone else seen him? Know of any others of a similar style? Any sources of new music from him?
Eek! A Freek!
15:26 / 19.09.09
Remember the "Pretty Songs" thread? I posted a link to Yoav's "Beautiful Lie" and someone (Anna?) posted a link to his cover of the Pixie's " Where is my Mind?".

Here's a youtube link to his cover of Radiohead's "Idiotheque".

The man's due for a new album...
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