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R.I.P., Lux Interior.

21:18 / 05.02.09
He was 60 and had a heart condition.

Poison Ivy is a widow.
21:33 / 05.02.09
Good retrospective (with videos) at Pitchfork, and more words at The Daily Swarm:

“Well the first time we stepped onstage at CBGBs we thought we were gonna do it once. We never thought about a second time, we were just thinking, ‘Let’s see if we get beat up or what happens.’ And ever since that night it’s been a million laughs. We still get up there and we get to play really loud, there’s all these people screaming at you, there’s flashing lights in your face…I can’t think of any other way to make a living. It’s all we know now.”
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
10:29 / 06.02.09
ah crap that's a bummer. I never got to see them live. The line from the topic abstract is possibly one of my favorite from all of rock n' roll. The Cramps are a band I heard of through Barbelith and have been a favorite ever since.

Lux Interior could sing about brushing your teeth or taking out the trash and infuse these ordinary, everyday chores with a weird, throbbing sort of dirty southern passion.
14:19 / 06.02.09
life is short, filled with stuff...

hope lux gets a new kind of kick wherever he ends up.
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
23:48 / 07.02.09
Three-part Cramps interview in downloadable mp3 format. Talking about punk in the early days, the state of music today, so on and so forth. I had never heard an interview with Lux and Ivy before, they seem like such down to earth people. They are (were?) big fans of the 5,6,7,8s and Guitar Wolf!

Searching for this interview, I came across this strange gem:

Lux Interior sings "Underwater Sun" for Spongebob Squarepants

awww I made myself sad now.
15:43 / 08.02.09
I like to think he's just gone to watch The Ramones.
Tuna Ghost: Pratt knot hero
21:56 / 08.02.09
I'd like to believe paradise became a little sleazier, a little greaser when he died.
18:53 / 06.01.11
i only finally appreciated them this year, and it more or less took getting obsessed with hasil adkins to do so.

it's funny how their version of she said has nothing on his.

have you ever seen the footage of their show at a mental hospital?
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