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21:32 / 22.04.09
I've been away from Barbelith for a while, and so feel a bit weird about posting this as the first thing in ages. I have finished it, though, and I think this time I'm quite proud of the finished product.

ART: Front Cover
Back Cover

ABOUT: KZ was originally meant to be a Brit-Steampunk-Emo album, and now I'm not sure what it is.
It contains 8 original songs, 1 cover, and little hope indeed. I hope you get something out of it.

DOWNLOAD: 20meg RAR file with cover art

1: All Our Lost Loves
2: Dreamers
3: Denial Song
4: Ashtray for your Memories
5: My Way In Time
6: Shackled To Change
7: Drillbit Lostlovesong
8: Dreaming of You (cover)
9: Tory of 0

[This work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK:
England & Wales License.]

Finally, fawning thanks to Chiropteran for incredibly incisive constructive criticism without which I'd never have finished the thing.
17:23 / 23.04.09
I think this time I'm quite proud of the finished product.

I think you should be.

KZ hits me in right around the same emotional place as the Wicker Man soundtrack ("corn riggs," and all that, but with a bit more vacant car park and orange sodium glare). I was fortunate enough to hear the demos for many of the songs, so it felt entirely natural to sing along on the choruses. This really is great, intimate songwriting, in terms of both inspiration and craft. It's been suggested that the lasting impact of Sly Stone's There's A Riot Goin' On was due as much to the murky hiss of the production as to the songs themselves, and I would say that the same continues to be true for Withiel--it gives the music a sense of space, of being an inhabited, seething medium to move through.

I like it.

(And a big You're Welcome which is also a Thank You!)
17:44 / 23.04.09
I love good criticism.

I'll have to see if I love the album, too.

Dead Funk Bands... heheh.
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