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Steampunk Music?

20:01 / 09.07.09
Is it a bona fide genre? And how many references to its literary origins are necessary to qualify a band as 'Steampunk'?

I'm trying to come up with a top ten list. It's tough because when I think I'm onto something, I find I'm only saying "Tom Waits" or "Kurt Weill" so I can hear someone say "Good point, I guess..." do they qualify?

As for acts that fit the bill:

Abney Park
Jill Tracy
Unextraordinary Gentlemen
Vagabond Opera

I feel like somewhere there's a man wearing petticoats tuning a violia in a zeppelin floating over London...
jentacular dreams
23:03 / 09.07.09
The Hellset Orchestra are a wonderful live band. Their myspace is here (their main website seems to be down), but sadly their recordings compare very poorly with their live sets which have a tremendous amount of atmosphere and energy.
10:32 / 10.07.09
Would Sleepytime Gorilla Museum be a fit?

"The band uses many homemade devices as instruments, such as the Viking Rowboat. Dan Rathbun uses a custom-stringed bass instrument referred to as the Sledgehammer Dulcimer (or, alternately, the Slide Piano Log), which uses piano strings and is possibly more than 7 feet long; it is played with two sticks: one in the left hand generally used as a fret, and another in the right hand to strike the strings.

Percussionist Michael Mellender's instruments consist of restaurant kitchen equipment, trash can lids, and other "found" metal objects, in addition to traditional percussion instruments. One of the more infamous instruments used by the band was Moe! Staiano's Popping Turtle."
01:09 / 20.10.09
you could argue neptune being a steampunk band in some ways. most of their instruments are built from junkyard scrap.
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