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Inevitable 90 minutes of britpop/90s joy

18:47 / 09.12.09
Ah, the nineties, back before I had a paunch and a proper job and the music was fucking excellent not like the bland toss that gets recycled these days*. I remember when getting 90 minutes on a tape was extra-long, nowadays I have a retro USB hub in the shape of one and about a thousand hours of music just on a phone.

So, my fave car tape got destroyed long ago, help me make an *even better* selection of great songs with the benefit of hindsight. There may already be a Barbelith Mix project along these lines somewhere but I don't care.

I'm starting by suggesting;

Cannonball by the Breeders
Connection by Elastica
What do I do now? by Sleeper
The world is flat by echobelly
Feed the tree by Belly
and I suppose some Blur and suchlike, Pixies and that sort of thing, hit me with your nineties faves and late 80s is fine too.

*no I don't really mean it, anyone who says that is an arse and should buy some Robyn or CSS- or even something recent
electric monk
23:26 / 09.12.09
First off, my condolences on the loss of your mix tape. That is a pain that will linger, I'm sad to say. Here's to better days.

As to recommendations, anything off Stereolab's 'Emperor Tomator Ketchup' is a fine addition to any mix (my personal fave is "Cybele's Reverie" but any choice is valid and wise). Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" or "Love Island" are sure to get butts wigglin'. And would it be a retro-90s mix without Nirvana? I think not. "Come As You Are", my friend.

Lastly, and not to argue with your choice of Breeders track, as "Cannonball" is indeed a top-notch ditty, but do consider the single version of "Saints". It features a pleasingly dirtier production aesthetic and growly, fuzzy vocals. Lovely lovely.

I can send you mp3s of any of these if you happen not to have them in your collection.
Eek! A Freek!
14:59 / 10.12.09
Might I suggest:

Spiderman 1979 by Veruca Salt
Sir Psycho Sexy by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest
You're Gorgeous by Babybird
Sabotage by Beastie Boys
Silverfuck by The Smashing Pumpkins
The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve
If I Were You by The Divine Comedy

and just to throw a curve:
Handsome & Gretel by Babes in Toyland
Evil Scientist
16:53 / 10.12.09
I'd throw I Spy by Pulp into the mix as well.

If you're looking for a Blur tune then perhaps round the mix off with something from the much-maligned (unfairly IMV) Great Escape album? The Universal's a lovely song, as is He Thought Of Cars. But something like Charmless Man or Country House, being almost the BritPop version of the snake eating it's tail, could make good additions towards the end.

I Am The Mob by Catatonia was always a favourite of mine.
Poke it with a stick
21:37 / 13.12.09
Well, if it's a Britpop type of thing you're going for, might I suggest Metal Mickey by Suede, perhaps Sparkle by My Life Story and (at the risk of throwing away any credibility points I might have garnered already) Dolphin by Shed Seven.

And a bit of Supergrass never did anyone any harm.
Analogues On
23:03 / 13.12.09
Might be the mix of late 80's indie style pushed through a more widesceen, ambitious pop vision, but there are some songs that sound EXACTLY like the 90's to me:

Boo Radleys - Lazarus
David McAltmont & Bernard Butler - Yes
Mansun - Wide Open Space
Cast - Sandstorm
Super Furry Animals - Hometown Unicorn
Cast - Sandstorm
Wannadies - You and Me song
Pavement- Range Life
Beck - Beercan
Snealer Pimps - Six Underground
Masive Attack - Protection
Bjork - Play Dead
imaginary mice
10:46 / 15.12.09
...but would a Britpop compilation be complete without Menswear (Daydreamer) and the Bluetones (Slight Return)?

While Pulp are still one of my favourite bands and while I prefer their pre-Different Class output (Separations, Intro, His'n'Hers and the totally brilliant Sisters EP) I would have to pick "Common People". Thatís the song that got me into British music and I ultimately moved to the UK because of the music scene. It's the first song I listened to after my citizenship ceremony (I finally became a British citizen last year.).

Incidentally, Iím also single-handedly responsible for the death of Britpop. My arrival in the UK caused some kind of imbalance that screwed up the entire music scene for several years. You donít believe me? Well, I arrived in this country on 21 August 1997, the day Oasis released their third album (Be Here Now). It was universally panned and is regarded by many as the album that killed Britpop. Coincidence?
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