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The effects of the internet on the production, quality, and content of music:

19:05 / 06.01.11
ok, for the obvious one first:
it being easier than any other point in history to get something recorded and out there is a double edged sword. there's both records that are great that may not ever have been made otherwise, but an ocean of crap to swim through to find them.

a more subtle effect:
i'm finding this most strongly in diy punk: being a record geek is easier than ever, especially with just prowling blogs for up to the minute free music. most new bands sound like a reductive version of their influences, and not like three to five people making music in a room. it's like you don't hear anything of the people who are making the music in the music. i think it's also significant that a lot of new bands are named after songs of older bands that they sound like a more reduced version of. it's getting like a civil war reenactment sometimes.

also, you can skip the awkward trying to figure out what you like stage much sooner and skip straight to whatever the cool kid record geeks like, and file sharing has destroyed the "well, we only made 500 copies so not everyone can hear this" limiting effect. the problem is that those awkward stages expose you to lots of music, and a better informed listener is usually a better musician.

anyway, the punks mostly just get cranky when i try to talk to them about this, and this seems like a more receptive audience.

it's probably happening other places too.
Evil Scientist
00:52 / 07.01.11
Personally I'm listening to much more diverse music thanks to downloading music.
Evil Scientist
00:54 / 07.01.11
Also, I don't find it's affected production values. I'm listening to a lot of Ozzie hip-hop at the moment and it's all really well put together.
11:43 / 07.01.11
it's not really about production values or about the variety of things you listen to. it's more like being able to hear anything you want, specifically, pretty quickly is making people have smaller frames of reference and how that negatively affects new music being made.
20:48 / 20.01.11
Singles! All about singles now.

Billions of them.

Ownership is also more vexing. I stream everything - listening to funerary violin on YouTube now - and download more than I can comfortably track.

So I hardly feel like I "own" any of it.
18:33 / 22.02.11
yeah, i have so much music on my itunes that i tend to set it by play count to force myself to listen to the things i haven't yet.

i also get annoyed when i have a hard time doing something like downloading master of puppets because the cd i've had since 1992 or so is too scratched to rip well.

as far as buying stuff goes, i mostly buy records these days.
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