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Technology advice - Phillips GoGearSA1VBExxA

18:06 / 23.01.11
Hullo. I bought one of the above little black boxes and after some initial problems with sending files across I got the hang of it. Unzipped them, clicked right click, clicked on Send To, problem solved.

Originally whenever I connected the player to the computer a box labelled 'autoplay' appeared and there was an option you could click to access the contents of the player and delete/rename files as you pleased.

Today neither of the above is the case. 'Send to' omits the option of sending to the player. The autoplay appears but doesn't have the same options, but does have a lot of options for an epsom printer.

As far as I can tell I've done nothing to it, and am a wee bit worried the player may be faulty as it kept turning itself off last night despite being fully charged. If I take it back to the shop for an exchange will Autoplay still do the same thing?
23:45 / 24.01.11
Hmm. What an odd situation, old thing...

Autoplay.inf files generally just tell a computer to autoplay something on external media when it's plugged in - essentially, it's the thing that makes the installation menu on a CD-ROM, e.g., appear when you put them in the CD drive, without you having to navigate to the launcher in Windows Explorer. So, in this case, it opens (I assume) the media player's storage space, and you drag and drop files into there.

If that's the only problem you're having, it may be worth trying to reset the player and see what happens - that is, it may be the player rather than your computer. There should be a reset hole on the left side of the player. Poke it in with a pen nib until the player resets? If that doesn't work, you can reset it through recovery mode -if you bought it, I assume you have the software that came with it? If not, it's available for download, I think.
23:51 / 24.01.11
Then again, you could always just return it and see what happens to the replacement.
01:24 / 25.01.11
You might check your device settings for the USB connection, I know mine can connect as a data device or a player (mtp or msc), and the different settings change the interface.
11:14 / 25.01.11
Thanks for the advice. As other, worrying, things have started happening then it's going back as soon as I finish listening to Betty Driver's Desert Island Discs.

It's what it was made for.
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