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Thaddeus "B." Glands
00:33 / 18.02.11
So I'm going to start by admitting I'm not such a good 'lither, being as I post on these forums on an average of about once every two years. But my friend Withiel has always tended to get good feedback for his music, so I'd like to post some of mine and see what you think.

I've been working with a colleague of mine on a theatre project. We decided that the show should have an ambient-style soundtrack, to work alongside the performed material. If you're familiar with Chris Morris' Blue Jam/Jam, then you'll understand the sort of tone we're looking for. However we decided quite early on that all of the music should be original, so ever since I've been working on composing and producing a set of tracks for the show.

The existing set is here, and I'd be interested to hear your views on it.
17:53 / 18.02.11
Barbelith is pretty much a ghost town these days so you may not that much feedback. A good place for that would be the forum at set up by ex-Barbelith dude.
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