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Lescalleet/Hudak -> pointers?

The Return Of Rothkoid
17:43 / 31.08.01
Just listening to a disc called Figure 2 by John Hudak and Jason Lescalleet - it's all tape-manipulation and weird ambience, and is really quite impressive, moreso because it's a live recording.

Who knows anything about these guys? Rather, who knows about anything like this CD? I found Anomalous Records to have an interesting list of discs in that vein - but has anyone here listened to any of 'em? Are they any good? Should I just do it myself? GTHS - you know anything in this line?
Locust No longer
03:41 / 18.04.10
Nothing like finding this thread after year(s) not posting here.... not sure how i missed this to begin with as I was pretty obsessive about that kind of stuff back then.

Anyway I love that album as well. I'm trying to think of albums that sound like that specifically, and I'm at a loss. But:

The Jason Lescalleet/Nmperign collaboration on Intransitive is great.

Lescalleet's "The Pilgrim" is excellent.

Hudak's pieces of "winter" is of a similar bent, and well worth checking out...

Cut records has a lot of stuff that would hit the spot.
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